E-Cigarettes present a safer smoking alternative

e-cigarettesWe pride in providing a safe smoking option to smokers in UK and around the world with our e cigarettes that have become quite popular among people in a relatively short period of time since the advent of the first electronic cigarette.

The prime benefit of switching to an e-cig can be understood by the fact that it is completely devoid of all the harmful ingredients that are used in old tobacco cigarettes. Though it has a similar nicotine kick like a tobacco cigarette, it neither contains tobacco nor any of the unsafe chemicals including the deadly tar. It also does not produce the lethal carbon monoxide upon burning, as the old conventional cigarette filled with tobacco usually do. As a result, an e cigarette presents a safer smoking alternative to smokers without making them compromise on the taste and feel they got with their earlier brands. In addition, an e cig also costs almost 70% less than the normal tobacco filled ones. So it is actually a twin benefit package for all people switching to these cigarettes.

It is no wonder that regular tobacco smokers living in UK and anywhere in the world are taking note of this fact and switching to this healthier option. If you too are inclined towards giving these cigarettes a try, we would recommend trying our brand of e-cigarettes to relish the similar taste and feel of your old cigarette. Being smokeless, this cigarette could be smoked at any public place or even at home without exposing the people around you to the harmful effects of passive smoking. Recent surveys carried out on the number of e smokers in UK have put their count at 700,000 in 2012 which was expected to jump to a million in 2013.

The range of smokeless cigs offered by us come in various flavours and strengths. We offer a wide assortment of cartridges for replacement to regular e-smokers in a range of flavours such as the normal tobacco flavour, menthol flavour, apple flavour and other flavours as well. We have an efficient order processing system that allows us to maintain a same day despatch schedule. Barring any major issues, most despatches across UK are delivered within 3 days and a couple of days more for deliveries outside UK.

We also have starter kits by CloudCig for first time users of smokeless cigarettes who are either indulging for fun or looking to switch to this safer smoking option. These starter kits are ideal for trying out all the flavours and strengths before settling down on the one that is most appropriate to a user’s liking. Our starter kits come with a charger and a set of rechargeable batteries, so users must not forget to check them when opening the pack for the first time. Going for our starter kit is always a great option because they don’t even cost a great deal.

It will be worthwhile to understand that due to legislation in UK against selling of these products to people below 18 years of age, we don’t entertain minors with our supply. Nicotine being a highly addictive substance, it is advisable that users must keep these cartridges at a place where they are beyond the reach of kids. If the cartridge gets swallowed by mistake, seeking immediate medical advice would be the best course. While these smokeless cigarettes are definitely a safer option, we would like to state that these e-cigarettes should not be taken as a way to give up smoking.

A Smart Guide To E Cigs

Guide-to-vapingAll these years, you have been smoking traditional cigarettes and you know that they are dangerous. Now, you have realized that it is high time you change your habits. Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health and it can reduce your life span by almost a year (depending on how much you smoke). However, you’ve been convinced to start using e cigs and you are willing to start. As a newbie, you are not really aware of how to use these mechanical contraptions and you need to help. Not to worry though, we’ve created the perfect guide to electronic cigarettes that will definitely help you out.

Start with the lowest nicotine strength possible in your eletronic cigarettes

The vape process is completely different from traditional smoking. Traditional cigarette smoke contains more than 6000 different products along with tiny amounts of nicotine. Your lungs actually have to filter through the smoke and vaporized chemicals to pull in the nicotine. However, an electronic unit contains only liquid nicotine in a flavored water-based carrier. As a result, when the eliquid vaporizes, water vapor is pulled into the lungs in the form of a humid cloud. Your lungs get a concentrated hit of nicotine and it does take a little time to get used to the experience. As a result, almost all new e cig users are advised to use the lowest concentration of nicotine liquid.

Start with newbie kits

As you can see, the electronic smoking experience is not the same as a traditional smoking process. On top of that, every company manufactures their own brands, products and liquids. The taste, odor and smoking experience of each company is different and new smokers might not like every kit. As a result, they are advised to start with simple starter sets that are cheap but disposable. You can pick a particular brand and kit, try it out and dispose it off in case you do not like the experience. Some companies also provide free disposable e-cig kits to be used just once.

Buy from specialist websites

Chinese manufacturers are the primary companies on the market but we recommend you stick to local US companies. Chinese brands and kits are great but they do not make local flavors that will appeal to US smokers. As a result, we recommend you stick to US companies and brands and make sure you buy from a reputable website. For example, we stock local brands from US retailers and we make sure that the products are trustworthy. All you have to do is get in touch with our 24-7 customer service section and we will recommend the right kit and vape liquid for your needs.

Automated vs. manual units

Automated e cigarette units are the best as all you have to do is smoke in and smoke out. However, manual units are easy to use as well as they have a button on the side of the unit. The smoking experience varies in an automated unit and a manual unit as well. Automated units are ready to use as soon as you attach the battery but button units require you to press down before you inhale and stop pressing down just before you complete your inhalation.

Expert help is available…so get in touch with us

We have more than two decades of experience in the e cigarettes field and we make sure that our customers get what they want and when they want it. All you have to do is get in touch with us through telephone, email or through our online form and a customer-service-representative will get in touch with you in 12 hours or less. We also stock replacement electronic cigarette liquid bottles, kits, spares and repaired units for customers.

The Benefits of Quitting Smoking

quit-smoking-productsYou know that the use of tobacco and nicotine can lead to serious health problems, but you just can’t quit. When you are dependent on tobacco and nicotine you are dramatically increasing your exposure to toxins that cause cancer. Lighting up sets you on a path toward heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Lupus, and emphysema. Make a promise to yourself and tell yourself it’s time to quit smoking.

Even if you have been smoking for a few years, the best time to quit smoking is right now. When you stop smoking cold turkey your body will immediately begin to recover. Here are some motivational reminders as to why you should stop smoking immediately.

As soon as 20 minutes after your final cigarette your heart rate will begin to beat normally. Your pulse, temperature, and blood rate will improve or stabilize. The remaining nicotine in your blood will fall as your body recovers. During this time will start to feel early withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety or increased appetite.

Carbon monoxide is toxic inside your body and it is inhaled when you smoke cigarettes. Carbon monoxide will bond with your blood cells in place of oxygen, which will cause serious circulatory problems. Within 24 hours your carbon monoxide level will decrease in your body to lower levels increasing your blood oxygen.

Smokers generally have a 70 percent higher heart rate than people who do not smoke. Believe it or not after a full day when you quit smoking you will decrease your risk for heart attack. You aren’t completely recovered yet, but you are on the road to a healthier new you.

Two days after you have kicked your smoking habit nerve endings will begin to grow. Deadened senses to taste and smell are one of the consequences of smoking. When you quit smoking your senses are enhanced and you will start enjoying the taste of flavors and aromas to a new degree.

In three days nicotine will be out of your body and as great as is, the withdrawal symptoms will start to peak. Headache, cramps, and nausea are all physical symptoms that might manifest themselves during this time. Instead of buying any more cigarettes, reward yourself with a treat for quitting.

In two to three weeks you will no longer feel sick or winded when you perform physical activities. Your circulation and lung function will have improved. Best of all most withdrawal symptoms will have ended by this time. This is a great time to start an exercise routine.

After nine months your lungs will start to repair themselves. When your lungs are working properly any coughing and shortness of breath will decrease dramatically. Even the heaviest smokers with prolonged withdrawal symptoms will feel better around this time.

When you reach the one year mark you can celebrate the fact that your risk for heart disease has lowered by 50 percent. Your healthy new lifestyle will have helped your insulin resistance, circulation, and lung function. Smoking related shortness of breath, sinus congestion, or fatigue will have decreased as well increasing your overall body energy.

Looking forward to the future five years after your last cigarette you will have lowered your risk of stroke to that as someone who doesn’t smoke. In ten years your risk of getting lung cancer will have dropped in half. Your risk for other types of cancers will have also decreased as well. In fifteen years you will not have a higher than normal risk for heart conditions.

Quitting smoking in the long run will increase your life span. Non-smokers typically live 14 years longer than smokers. When you quit smoking it will set you on a path toward feeling great and living longer.

Stop Smoking And Use The Advice This Article Contains

quitsmokingnowIf you’re trying to stop smoking then you know how hard it can be. Thankfully, you’ve come across this text because it’s going to help you out. When you’re ready to get some stop smoking advice, take a moment to go through the tips here.

Know that this is going to be one of the hardest habits for you to quit in your whole life. It’s not something you can just put down and walk away from most of the time. You’re going to have to struggle, and that’s why so many people are dying each year from smoking. It’s because they just can’t seem to put the cigarettes down, even when their health is on the line. Educate yourself on the dangers of smoking and you may come around. It is in no way good for you so keep that in mind.

You’re going to want to find something else to do to fill your time instead of smoking. If you’re a smoker, then you probably spend a lot of your free time puffing away on a cigarette. When you stop, you’re going to notice that you have a lot more in the way of free time, so it’s a good idea to take a moment to think about what kind of a hobby you can replace smoking with. If you like to read then read a few pages of a book instead of smoking. If you like art then maybe draw a little bit when you’d usually have a cigarette.

As you can tell, you can stop smoking if you’re able to use the advice this article is giving to you. It’s going to be a little tough at first, but you can be sure things will work out for the best if you just take your time with it all.