About Us – How to Quit Smoking?

Smoking is hazardous for your health. It is one of the leading causes of lung cancer around the world. People who are addicted to smoking find it really difficult to quit smoking. There are numerous websites that are dedicated to imparting knowledge on how to quit smoking. If you refer the “about us” page of one of these websites, you would find out how these owners of these websites struggled hard to quit smoking. They will outline the exact plan that they followed in order to quit smoking for good in these “about us” pages. This article is a collection of some of the most important tips on how to quit smoking effectively.

1. Commit Yourself Fully – If you are unable to quit smoking still, it is because you are not fully committed to quitting smoking. Your commitment is only superficial and is not coming from deep within. You must be fully committed by writing down a exact date in which you plan to quit smoking. Repeat to yourself on a daily basis that you are definitely going to quit smoking, no matter what happens.

2. Not One Puff Ever (N.O.P.E) – Your mind will try to play tricks with you by telling that it won’t hurt to just have one cigarette. It will be really hard to argue with the mind when you are in a real urge. But remind your mind repeatedly that you are not going to have even one puff again.

3. Delay the Urge – Once you have an urge, just delay it for 2 minutes. Breathe deeply, drink a glass of water or focus on something else once you get this urge. If nothing works, eat your favorite snack. Do whatever it takes to delay the urge for the puff. Eventually it will fade away with time.